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Food processing and its related rules, regulations & procedures.

Updated: May 15, 2023

Report: The first information that the QC receives has all the data pertaining to actual condition of the product, material, packaging.

Finding all the risks and comprimises within the facility & identifying the goods to be inspected is the primary task at hand for ICS. We at ICS keep updating our procedures and ensures the guidlines are in tune with HACCP. Adding to its ever long list of various food processing regulations from across the globe.

Vannamei shrimp processing
Processing hall

Asian markets have learnt and adopted various improvements in machinery and fish technology today. A key factor in overall quality improvement in the food processing scene.

Heading #1: Check everything very carefully

This goes without saying that cheaper prices necessarly does not guarantee you top quality. Therefore re ensuring that we have supervised , produced & controlled the whole shipment is the right way foreward.

Heading #2: Is your product /brand standing out among competitors?

Include this as a personal anecdote on how you create the niche for your product. When, where and how did you find product? & When, where and how will you sell the product. The more personal you are to your suppliers and customers , the more relatable and trustworthy your product/brand will be.

People might not be aware of all the ways a product might help them out. So be sure to highlight the main advantage. ICS considers this a priority.

Heading #3: Pros and Cons

If you're comparing a few different suppliers,products, prices then you can definitely go for the services offered by us. We sure can investigate a little more deep into it. We can help figure out the pros and cons.

Not everyone has access to the seafood industry. The main reason being that a professional should have the required proficiency for the type of trade. And also the nature of goods which is by default highly crucial.

Heading #4: The Finale

An end to end solution in sustainable production is developed which is necessary for all business that is willing to operate smoothly. Here the info about the quality of the products or goods becomes the main criteria along with profile assessments, factory audits of the suppliers, processors and people involved.

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